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Pallavi Paul

This performance by Pallavi Paul revisits her 2017 film 'The Dreams of Cynthia / Cynthia ke Sapne'. It opens up the filmic as a porous field of actions, pulling in the artist's own voice and presence. How may a protagonist morph into beyond human forms through poethical interpretation and political turmoil? Paul plants a surplus imaginary, such that despite spatial ruin and necropolitics, rebellious practices of life-making continue to sprout. Mounted as an online experience, it punctuates the enduring grammar of 'screening', 'exhibition', and reading with a renewed address to the present while being contemporary to various orders of cinematic, geological, and industrial time. Supported by the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program with funds from the Federal Foreign Office in the framework of the International Relief Fund for Organizations in Culture and Education

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