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 Lavkant Chaudhary

While lockdown has been reimposed in Nepal, Lavkant Chaudhary, who is a participating artist in this edition of Colomboscope, has been continuing work on his ongoing series, 'Masinya Dastoor'. This body of work forms an informal archive on the indigenous Tharu community living in the Terai region, an ancient settlement found in the southern foothills of the Nepal. Based on studies of the various edicts issued by rulers of Nepal over time, also known as dastoors, Chaudhary considers his practice to be an act of resistance against the economic and political marginalization of his community, attempting to revive their history from erasure. Working with pen and ink on Lokta paper, inspired by the form and technique of the traditional Godana (tattoo) culture in the community,  the artist's scrolls are as much about the resilience of his community while they chronicle historical oppression.

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