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We find ourselves in the middle. There is no single composition or frame that can render visible the abstract magnitude of this collective moment—a pandemic that releases omnipresent data mapping, infected bodies, inexhaustible news feeds, and whirlpools of emotion. A time for lessons of interdependence.

We are held apart on a breathing planet, seeking out spaces of restorative care, virtual togetherness, mourning, and the touch of duration. Lest we forget even the moon cycles convey time as continuum, on this full moon, let us remember that artists have sought method in the madness and located madness in the method. They have for long reflected on system failures and unequal suffering, but also given footholds into the imagination—that is reshaping the present as know it.

With #HeldApartTogether we turn to some of our artist friends and wish to sustain primary acts of reading, listening and viewing together.  

As Epicurus once said, “The fool, with all his other faults, has this also, he is always getting ready to live.” Let us stay alert and responsive, but also joyous.

#Held Apart,Together


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