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Layla Gonaduwa

Facing Maha: Layla Gonaduwa on the Move plots the artist’s journeys in Sri Lanka and her latest artistic project as part of a three-month residency supported by Pro Helvetia New Delhi - Swiss Arts Council. In conversation, Layla addresses facets of migrancy from an inter-species perspective, communal segregation and estrangement, but also the manifestation of plural histories embedded in land, water and forest ecologies. Her technique conflates photography, collage, text and drawing to compose an immersive scroll that is unveiled in this short film for the first time. As the island endures pandemic and a new degree of alienation, the artist maps ecological threats, transplantation of alien invasive species and where a fragile co-existence is observed. Directed and Produced by Fold Media. Presented by Colomboscope.

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