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Susanne M. Winterling / The Kalpana

The Kalpana Collective featuring artists Goutam Ghosh, Susanne M. Winterling and science fictionist Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay presented their first institutional exhibition 'The Kalpana: In Desert Times' at Kunstverein Freiburg. Mapping the desert from a planetary perspective and particularly inspired by trips to the Great Rann of Kutch their interdisciplinary research embarks upon improvised survival strategies, dwelling on speculative and material aspects of desertification, grains of dust, the horizon line and saline geography, to other lifeforms and 'desert planets' that together convey a geo-cultural, bio-artistic and science-fictional inquiry.


Also read the conversation between Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay and Susanne M. Winterling "Science Fictionality and the dependence on other species, be those extraplanetary aliens or species that exist on the planet.


Susanne M. Winterling was part of Colomboscope 2015, Shadow Scenes

Susanne M. Winterling / The Kalpana - camel nose, truth speaks to power, 2020. CGI.

1_SMW_Saltline_eastwind on the desert_KV

the shape of the tortoise/embankment, 2020.  Installation mixed media.

Photo by Marc Doradzillo.  Co-commissioned by Kunstverein Freiburg

saltline, east-wind on the desert, 2019.  Pigment print on Awagami paper.

Image courtesy of the artist

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