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Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Pedro Gómez-Egaña makes sculptures, immersive installations, phonographic pieces and films that are staged in very specific ways. His focus is compositional, meaning that he places great attention to how images and sounds appear in a particular space of time and duration. In order to carry out this he produces purpose-built spaces, or carefully crafted environments as an integral part of his work. Industrialisation, be it examples of early engineering or literary sources, and juxtaposes them with current notions of acceleration and media saturation. Pedro notes: “We think of mechanisation in terms of solutions for production, transport and measurement, but the machine has also become a dominant filter through which we understand and experience geographies, memories and affects." The observatory is a recurring cosmic and virtual infrastructure across the artist's practice and manifested as The Vimana Kiranaavarta Observatory at Colomboscope 2015 "Shadow Scenes". Perhaps our bodies are now becoming observatories to look within and sense the world beyond differently.

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