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A Thousand Channels

Episode Five


This episode departs from the forest as a space of continuous noise and mutual growth, inducing conflictive plays between sustenance and decay. The story of a mysterious tree in Palestine is heard from London amid a genocidal present; the struggles for the Tsou Nation are sung out via one man’s compositions in the mountains of southern Taiwan, while a spoken word-scape crosses the border zones between Europe and Africa via migrant interviews and the liberation writings of Amilcar Cabral. Alongside, an exchange about analogue forestry in Beregala–Belipola and a ceremonial mixtape inspired by dandelions.

Featuring works by Bint Mbareh, Hong-Kai Wang, Fernando García Dory,
Dr Ranil Senanayake, Mónica de Miranda and Amuleto Manuela


A project by Syma Tariq
Sound design and cover visual by Francesca Savoldi
Commissioned by Colomboscope
Supported by Art Hx

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