Digital Programme


With the online series #HeldApartTogether we turned to several visual artists, musicians and filmmakers who have been associated with the festival’s network with the wish to sustain primary acts of reading, listening and viewing together. These online productions also open a window into the artistic community’s present struggles and endeavors in communal resilience.

Language Is Migrant

Our efforts find renewed purpose as the investigations assembled in Language is Migrant become evermore crucial, for instance in mapping aspects of diasporic lineage, hybrid belonging and displacement through embodied and poetic expressivity; the role of language silenced and withdrawn under repressive mechanisms; and the collective activation of feminist vocabularies, oral traditions and performance cultures as modes of narrative building. 

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A Thousand Channels is a series of online radio episodes, listening space and collaborative programming led by radio journalist, researcher and music programmer Syma Tariq which will be a vibrant and polyphonous platform leading up to and during the 2021 festival Language is Migrant.

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